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Dyslexia Santa Barbara

Thank you so much for hosting the session today! It was wonderful being among such dedicated professionals and parents!

Pat Johnson
Pat JohnsonOrton Gillingham educator

We enjoyed meeting with you and your team. We look forward to talking further about the potential of developing a program in the district and collaboratively to support parents, students and teachers. Thank you.

Connie Murphy
Connie MurphyExecutive Vice President, Partnerships and Community Development, Learning Ally

You are a friend to those people like me in our town. My takeaway from your talk was the information that it runs in families. You are working with parents in supporting their child while at the same time the parents are growing skills and understanding about themselves. The parents may, in time, patch some of the holes in their confidence while helping their child understand how they are unique in the world. Thanks for all you do.

Paul Zink
Paul Zinkarchitect

Thank you for everything. You have no idea all that you have inspired in me. You have taught me to more effectively advocate for my children.

Tracy Gillette
Tracy Gilletteparent, M.A., Ph.D.

Thanks for the way you’ve helped to pave the way in Santa Barbara for kids like mine. You’re doing essential, heroic work in my book.

Jen Lilienstein
Jen Liliensteinparent, founder Kidzmet.com

Thanks for being at the center of dyslexia in our community. It feels great to know you’re there and you care. Thank you for all you do.


Laina Melendez
Laina Melendez parent

I truly am grateful for what you do and the fact that you have taken time to bring us (the district and the school board) along. I regret that it has been so frustrating and slow at times.

Please know that I think the work you have done and continue to do matters- not just for the students but also for the direction of our district. What I know and do for students with special needs and learning disabilities is partly influenced by what I have learned from you.

S. Monique Limon, Former SBUSD School Board Trustee, CA State Assembly
S. Monique LimonFormer SBUSD School Board Trustee; CA State Assembly Member

My daughter-in-law was so excited to talk with you again at the recent Rotary meeting where you presented.  She brought the Dyslexia Community Foundation brochure.

I can’t wait to hear more about all you are doing and I’m always hoping we can figure out how to collaborate more in the future.

Patty Moore
Patty MooreAlpha Resource Center of Santa Barbara

Thank you so much for arranging this fantastic author, Victor Villasenor, to come to our school. You are amazing.

Marsha Barr
Marsha BarrLibrarian, Santa Barbara High School

What a wonderful event! It was great to see you too!  Looking forward to the future!  Thank you very much for the links!  I'm excited to start exploring the wealth of info you so graciously sent me.

Jessica Bowman
Jessica BowmanOrton Gillingham educator
The Dubin Learning Center
Santa Barbara Education Foundation
Special Needs Project
Kirby Jones Family Foundation